Restore Your Thyroid!

A revolutionary “food strategy” proven to heal your adrenals, restore thyroid health, balance the nervous system and provide the foundation for real, long-lasting and sustainable health.

An 8 Week Group Coaching Course To Restoring Your Thyroid With Food



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Are you experiencing the following?

Low energy and extreme fatigue

Anxiety, depression and other mood disorders

Insomnia or frequency waking, inability to get back to sleep

Overwhelmed and stressed out

Difficulty digesting foods (bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea)

Thyroid issues (hypo, hyper, goiter, nodules, removal, hashis)

Addiction and cravings

Low exercise intolerance

Heart palpiations or a racing heart

Congitive issues (learning, memory) 

Chances are you might be writing checks your body can't cash?

Consider your body a bank account, energy (nourishment, rest, oxygen) your currency, and life - the withdrawals you make to your account (work, relationships, pregnancy, exercise, poor nutrition, trauma). 

Like any budget, when your deposits are greater than your withdrawals you stay in the GREEN.

As a result, your body is more resilient, anabolic and metabolically efficient.

It is when your withdrawals become greater than your deposits you eventually fall into the RED.

Consequently, when you are writing more checks than your body can cash the body is forced into a stress compensated state leading to:

  • Dysglycemia

  • Tired adrenal glands

  • Sluggish liver

  • Vitamin and mineral depletion

  • Suppressed thyroid function

  • Methylation issues

  • Histamine intolerance

  • Food intolerance

  • GI dysfunction

  • Poor sleep

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Skin issues

  • Depression

  • And so much more.

The human body cannot heal in this energy deprived state of survival. 


The 60 day RTN Group Coaching Program

"For us to understand disease we must first understand the living cell."- Dr. Beiber

The RTN Method is based on a set of principles designed to teach you how to use your nutrition in a way that optimizes the purpose of eating food – to fuel the body with energy (a.k.a. food) for the maintenance of life, growth and the functioning of organs and tissues.

When the body is unable to produce energy, it has no choice but to compensate with the excess release of stress hormone (ie inflammation)– low energy reserves are a massive stress to the body. Stress hormones suppress thyroid function and over time weaken the resiliency of the nervous system.

The RTN Method teaches you a very specific nutrition strategy designed to interrupt the vicious cycle of the stress physiology and provides the foundation to healing no matter what your condition or diagnosis.

If, we as a society, are going to achieve long lasting health and wellness, we have to first learn how to change the state of the system from being in a stress adapted state of survival to a state of safety and calm.

" Without first addressing the underlying survival physiology, any change in behavior is simply overriding through force of will." Kathy Kain


Modern day living has interrupted our ability to sense what is happening in our body, limiting our ability to respond in self-preserving ways. We keep ourselves in physiologically stressful situations, within only a dim awareness of distress, or no awareness of it all.

When the body is stressed, its #1 priority is to get oxygen and glucose to the brain and tissues as quickly as possible. This is where the adrenals and thyroid share their most important relationship: their mutual control over metabolism.

The thyroid regulates the rate at which glucose, the body’s main fuel, is burned, where the adrenals regulate the availability of that same fuel. With no fuel the thyroid cannot function and the body must adapt.

"Remember this: there is nothing “wrong” with you. You have patterns to unlearn, new behaviors to embody and wounds to heal. But there is nothing wrong with the core of you and who you are. We are not promising an overnight fix, but we are promising opportunity, empowerment, sustainability, and freedom!"


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By the end of the 60 days you will...

Understand and identify with full confidence which foods support your energy needs and and help your body back to balance

Discover a whole new level of freedom from the grips of diets, food restrictions and fear of what you put into your body

Have a much deeper connection to the things in your life that support and give you energy vs. suck the life force energy right out of you

Have a much clearer awareness of what you need in your life to create the environment for healing. We cannot heal in the same environment we got sick.

Learn how to quiet and calm your nervous system with the food you eat and the air you breathe

Learn how to quiet and calm your nervous system with the food you eat and the air you breathe

Know exactly how to move your body with confidence, instead of fear and uncertainty of how it might react

Feel more confident in your ability to plan and prepare for each day so you have the things you need to thrive

Wake up each morning excited about the day and the opportunity to learn come into deeper relationship with yourself and your body

The 60 day RTN Group Coaching Program is delivered in 4 lessons

Lesson 1: Using Food As Supplementation

As a human you require food to live. So why not learn how to eat in a way that significantly reduces the stress in and on your body?

Every nutritional recommendation made in this program holds one intention and one purpose – to provide your body with the most optimal fuel (foods) that maximize your body’s ability to make energy at the cellular level.

When it comes to food, the question should never be, “is this food good or bad, right or wrong, for thyroid health?”, the question should always be, “who are we talking about?”

In lesson one you are going to learn all about metabolic foods, their role in adrenal/thyroid/nervous system health and how to begin using them in your life and in support of your healing process.

Metabolic foods are easy to digest, designed for human consumption, are loaded with life giving nourishment and proven to replenish energy and regulate the human body.  

Lesson 2: Quieting the Chaos

The longer your body has had to cope with a stressed physiology (ie. weak adrenals, low thyroid, compromised digestion) the more chaotic and less resilient your system has become. For so many it has been decades. Over time your body becomes more reactive and less able to adapt to the environment.  

Lesson 2 guides you through a series of steps designed to help you quiet the chaos, turn down the noise and shift your attention back to your body, your life and how you are affected (both positively and negatively) by the environment you live.

You are not here solely because of the food you do or do not eat. You are here because you have lost sight of who you are and what you need to thrive and this has created fear and uncertainty.

In this lesson you will learn simple, realistic and effective ways to tune back into your life, slow things down and create an environment that supports both your physical and emotional needs.

You will also be given tools and resources designed to replenish minerals in a way that creates balance and that nature intended.

Lesson 3: Deepening into Awareness

In lesson 3, using real time and simple subjective and objective assessments, Josh and Jeanne guide you into a deeper level of connection and understanding into all the ways your body is working to inform you. Taking these steps will allow you to refine the proper balance of energy your body needs to meet the demands of each day.

As you begin to observe your personal patterns you are able to see more clearly and tune in more deeply to your body’s language. As you do you continue to build and strengthen your foundation and place your body in a healing state - an essential step to creating consistency, resilience and taking back your power!

Lesson 4: Building Resources and Resiliency

Lesson 4 is all about building resources and strengthening resiliency.

All the lessons leading up to this are designed to take your body out of survival and into a state of calm and balance. You have learned to observe, listen, feel and respond in effective ways- key developmental aspects of a healthy nervous system. These lessons provide the insight and awareness you need to know what your body requires to thrive in the world and how to sustain it ways that support you in your life.

By lesson 4 you will know exactly what foods to eat, when to eat based on the energy rhythms of your body and how much food you need to achieve balance no matter where you are in your healing process and regardless of your condition, disease or stage of life.

You will also be introduced to simple breath work and provided insight and instruction on how to move your body in effective, energy boosting ways to assist in total nervous system integration.


What's included in the RTN Group Coaching Program

4 Webinars

Every other week for 90 minutes, Josh and Jeanne will review the principles within each lesson of the RTN program and offer their expert advice on how to implement these principles, answer your questions and help you customize your nutritional foundation for optimal results. All live lesson webinars will be held every other Wednesday at 2pm MDT.

Support Community Group and Q&A's

You will be joined with a community of like minded people with similar health challenges to share stories, bounce questions off and to share information and ideas. In addition, you will be joined by Josh and Jeanne each week for a 1-60 minute LIVE Q&A (every other week between Live Lesson Webinars) to ensure all your questions are answered and you feel 100% supported. 

The principles of the RTN Method teach you how to use your food to interrupt these patterns of compensation and assist in restoring the health, function and relationship between your adrenal glands, your thyroid and your nervous system. All live Q&As will be held every other Wednesday at 2pm MDT.

Meal and Snack Ideas

You will receive detailed dietary guidelines, over 30 meal and snack ideas and a copy of The Restoration Thyroid Nutrition Cookbook.

Personalized Log Analysis

As a participant you will be invited to submit your food logs each week for review by a coach (*not required) and receive feedback on what modifications you need to make, why you need to make them and how to implement these changes into your day to day.

Josh and Jeanne have been deemed "master log readers" and for good reason. They have been analyzing food logs and nutritional data for 15 years and have revealed answers to so many health questions that left people perplexed, confused and vulnerable to every rabbit hole they encounter on their journey.

Breath & Movement

You will learn how to modify your exercise to support you in your healing process along with simple breathing exercises designed to assist in recovering nervous system balance and regulation.

Food, oxygen and water tare vital for life. Your breath is the remote control to your brain and when used with more awareness and intention supports energy production and nervous system regulation. The more you learn how to use this tool the more your body becomes a resource vs. the enemy.

Real Time Assessments

You will learn how to use real time subjective and objective assessments to accurately and consistently observe and measure your progress and success giving you the power and insight to analyze your health more globally.

Live Video Tutorials, Handouts and Much More...

The RTN Principles and Food Strategy includes 4 Lessons. Each piece of every lesson includes video tutorials and support documents designed to guide you through the journey and prepare you for each weeks LIVE webinar.

Expert Advice

Over the last 15 years of clinical research and observation, Josh and Jeanne have developed the revolutionary clinical strategy presented in the RTN Group Coaching Program. They have coached thousands of people across the globe suffering from a variety of different ailments, diseases and conditions on how to use food to combat the effects of modern day society while also reconnecting the mind, body and spirit through the development of awareness.

The patterns of healing they have observed over the last 15 years of applying the principles of the RTN Method have provided them the greatest knowledge and experience—proving even more powerful than their combined years of research and study in nutrition.

only 30 spots available...

There are only 30 spots available, so be sure to grab yours now! Not everyone can afford to receive one-on-one coaching, however everyone deserves to be seen and heard. Keeping our classes small will assist us in helping you establish your individual needs while also giving you the opportunity to learn through others.

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